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The concrete delivery trucks used at Canadian Ready Mix are designed to deliver the freshest possible concrete to your job site. In addition, since the concrete is mixed on site, you pay only for what you use not what you’ve ordered.

Concrete Truck Mixer

Our volumetric mixers allow for cost-effective on-site production of concrete. All of the components - fine and course aggregate, cement and water - are loaded into separate compartments on one truck-mounted unit. The components are metered and mixed into fresh concrete in a special auger as the Mobile Mixer unit is being discharged. When the forms are full, the production stops. As a consumer you do not have to concern yourself with the cost of extra concrete to ensure manpower and equipment are not waiting, and costing you money, for a balance load.


You can u-cart the concrete in our concrete trailers to your site. These u-carts can hold as much as 1 meter of concrete. You will need to have a 1-7/8” or 2” ball hitch and a vehicle that can tow up to 5500lbs. This is approximately how heavy the trailers are when loaded with one cubic meter of concrete. One cubic yard is approximately 4500lbs.

When you get to your job site you can jack the trailer up to the height of your wheelbarrow. There is a trap door at the bottom of the cart that you open and then shovel the concrete into the wheelbarrow. Or, if you are able to, you can place the cart right up to your forms and open the door to shovel the concrete out.


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